Karina Mishulina against Timur Eremeeva. Online broadcasting from a court hall

Карина Мишулина против Тимура Еремеева. Онлайн-трансляция из зала суда Today a regular meeting with the participation of the daughter of a famous artist. A few months ago, Carina filed a case against one of the publications which spread information that Timur is a son of Spartaka Mishulina.
Карина Мишулина против Тимура Еремеева. Онлайн-трансляция из зала суда

Karina Mishulina continues to plead with one of the editions, which reported that the actor Timur Eremeev is the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. In the course of several broadcasts on the young man proved the relationship with a movie star. After the publication of the latest results of the DNA test it turned out that Timur is related to the family Mishulina. Allegedly many years ago Spartaka Mishulina was intrigue with the mother Eremeeva. Despite the fact that all examinations were carried out, Karina did not withdraw the suit.

Today, January 19, Mishulina daughter was in the Tushino district court. The side of Timur was represented by lawyer Victoria Krylova, the artist himself did not come. Process passes in an open mode, therefore, the correspondent of “StarHit” was also able to attend the meeting. Karina supports husband, Ivan Korobov.

Карина Мишулина против Тимура Еремеева. Онлайн-трансляция из зала суда

In the beginning of the meeting, Karina Mishulina decided to abandon the claim in the case on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. She demanded the sum of one million rubles from the defendants.

“According to article 39 of the CPC, it asks to accept the rejection of claims to Yeremeyev Timur Sergeevich”, – stated the lawyer.

The court retired to deliberate. Mishulina is on meeting the interests of their mother. A lawsuit against chief editor of newspaper, spreading personal information about Timur, was withdrawn. Eremeev continues to be among the defendants.

The court then accepted the waiver of claims against another editor.

In the process, was modified claims. The representatives of the family of Mishulin please note that her mother still protects the honor and dignity of the deceased Spartaka Mishulina. The package of documents attached death certificate and the marriage.

The defendants are interested in why the new suit were not attached reference, recipes, receipts for treatment, including a neurologist, my daughter Karina, that is granddaughter Valentina. Earlier it became known that the girl was strongly influenced by the tears of his grandmother. Karina Mishulina: “it seems that Timur – some kind of sadist. We live in hell, these two months”

Later reference attached to it.

Side Eremeeva and ID, against whom filed, asking to reschedule the meeting. They need to see the changes and to articulate the views of the parties. Presumably, the next meeting will take place on 9 February at 14:00.

“The initial requirements have undergone some correction. I would like to note that in accordance with the legislation at the request of interested persons, relatives, the honour of the citizen are carried out after his death. Mishulina Valentina Konstantinovna acts in the interests of Spartaka Mishulina Mikhailovich. These requirements to the three defendants who remained… In the body of the statement, all those fragments, which, according to the plaintiff, were untrue. According to plaintiff, all of these events with Timur Sergeevich could not happen”, – stated in the speech of the lawyer of Mishulin.

After the court session Karina talked to reporters. The actress said that a million is not such a large sum for such a claim. “I took your claim to Timur Yeremeyev, but the plaintiff remained my mother Valentina Konstantinovna. She wants to prove that the information written in the article tarnished his reputation as an actor, Carlson across the country and citizen. I decided before the New year, I’m going to pick up your claim, because I’m tired,” said Karina.

Timur Eremeev about a new court decision: “I’m disappointed. Don’t believe in someone’s sincerity”