Карину Мишулину после скандала спасла гадалка
The actress told fans about the clairvoyant who “brought her up”.

Photo: Instagram

Karina Mishulina, whose name is the last months does not descend from pages of Newspapers and magazines, publications, online and TV, revealed the secret of who helped her cope with the scandalous situation that occurred in her life.

Recall that in late August this year, the actor Timur Eremeev gave a Frank interview to the magazine “Caravan of Stories”, in which he told that he is the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. This news was a bombshell. And most of all she was “hurt” that Steve Michelino.

For several months she was accused of Timur in a lie, did not mince words. And even sued him in court. For what the public did not understand, since the wording of the statements changed all the time. The truth revealed in the show “Let them talk” on channel one. Timur and Karina did a DNA test on a unique technology, using costume Spartaka Mishulina, which for many years was kept at home Michelini. It turned out that both actors are children Mishulina with a probability of 99.99%! After this the fury, Karina began to decline. A week after the release of brother and sister met in a cafe, where for the first time were able to talk things out peacefully.

Now Karina said, who helped her to overcome your own emotions.

“I never thought that my life could be a situation in which I actually leave the ground from under the feet, says Mishulina. — When there will be nothing to breathe, when it will be so bad that you really don’t know where to go, who to ask and generally what to do in this life then when you want to lie down and die. At this point in my life came Irina is amazingly bright people, great energy. It really helped me. Not only that, she brought me out of it, she even looked into my future and firmly assured me that all of this is my situation will be resolved with a positive outcome for me. Told me not to be afraid to live life to the fullest, to go boldly forward and never to think. After talking with her I began to sleep at night, I breathe again and I believe that now everything will surely be fine!”

As it became known, Irina calls himself a clairvoyant. On his page on Instagram, she writes that the magic of good. Helping people personally and solves problems at a distance. Instead of common sense and the pressure of society, forced Karina to come to terms with the advent of brother and look to the future with optimism.