Karina Mishulina after reconciliation with the brother turned to the witch

Карина Мишулина после примирения с братом обратилась к колдунье
The actress has learned that was waiting for her in the coming year.

Photo: Instagram

Karina Mishulina does not deny that he believes in supernatural forces and regularly uses the services of fortune tellers, traditional healers and wise women. This time the actress spoke about her experience with a real witch.

“When the year ends and a new one is coming, I usually turn to my grandmother Daria — told Mishulina. I came to her to learn about yourself, about what will happen in 2018. She gave me valuable advice and told about the future. Glad that there are wonderful people who see the world through different eyes and help people!”

As we found out, the grandmother she is doing many dangerous rituals, including love spell and even conducts the rite of the black wedding. The fact that the rules held in the cemetery without the consent of one of the partners. It is possible that the witch also put a spell maybe!

Fans of Timur Eremeeva, a new brother of Mishulin, I hope that Karina really changed the temper justice with mercy and brought him into the family.

By the way, to deal with this scandalous situation, Mishulina, too, could only with the help of a fortuneteller.

“I never thought that my life could be a situation in which I actually leave the ground from under the feet, says Mishulina. — When there will be nothing to breathe, when it will be so bad that you really don’t know where to go, who to ask and generally what to do in this life then when you want to lie down and die. At this point in my life came Irina is amazingly bright people, great energy. It really helped me. Not only that, she brought me out of it, she even looked into my future and firmly assured me that all of this is my situation will be resolved with a positive outcome for me. Told me not to be afraid to live life to the fullest, to go boldly forward and never to think. After talking with her I began to sleep at night, I breathe again and I believe that now everything will surely be fine!”