Karina Mishulina able to get rid of brother

Карина Мишулина смогла избавиться от брата
Karina of Mishulin won the first victory in the war with their sledstvennye and yet is not going to stop.

Карина Мишулина смогла избавиться от брата

However, speech while goes not about Timur Eremeeva, and about her older brother Vladimir Sorokin, who died long ago and nothing in my defense to say can not.

In the early 50-ies in the period of Spartaka Mishulina in Kalinin (now Tver), the artist had an affair with ballet dancer Alexandra Sorokina, who bore him a son, Vladimir. Despite the fact that officially the marriage was not concluded, Mishulin son acknowledged that it was recorded in his birth certificate. Later he moved to Omsk, and the family remained in Kalinin, although for many years he helped his wife and son financially.

So, Carina this story categorically rejected, claiming that the father never worked in Kalinin, Vladimir’s son Eduard Sorokin, who recently officially declared their relationship with the artist, an impostor.

Карина Мишулина смогла избавиться от брата

Given that Vladimir Sorokin was born almost immediately after the war, the system of registration of births was not very clear, the lawyers Karina of Mishulin was able to prove to the court that the signature in the registration book of children do not Spartaka Mishulina, which means Vladimir Sorokin no son, and not her brother.

However, the fact that people may well change the handwriting, the court shall not adopted and the claim is Karina of Mishulin satisfied. So, from one brother she lost. Left Timur Eremeev.