Кардашьян вышла в свет без штанов и макияжа

Famous media personality for the first time after the robbery in Paris fell under the scope of photographers. And her appearance was, to put it mildly, strange…

TV star Kim Kardashian, three weeks ago became a victim of robbery, was very upset by the incident and for a long time not been seen in public, spending time with the closest friends. And finally, the paparazzi managed to catch her on the street. What they saw raised questions.

As reported by TMZ, Kim went outside to buy ice cream in the company of his best friend, Jonathan Cheban. Dressed socialite fashionista this time was in a bulky sweater (the bottom part of the suit when it was absent) and flip-flops, looks like a hotel.

“Even her shoes shouted: “I need a break,” writes TMZ.

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In addition, Kim no makeup, except lip gloss. And she looked very haggard: dull complexion, under eye circles…

Readers vying to become left under the article’s comments, which agreed that Kim is similar to a Syrian refugee. And very impressionable and even compare it with zombies.

Well, obviously it’s proof that the robbery was not staged for PR purposes, and Kim really concerned about this. If so, we wish her hurry to regain good mood. And continue brawling, the Internet is pretty revealing outfits.