Kardashian moved with the children from West, calling him a “psycho”

Кардашьян съехала c детьми от Уэста, назвав его «психом»

The last time West had behaved inappropriately: tore concerts, criticized other artists and canceled for no reason tour.

The story of Jolie and pitt once again! However, this time the other pair. Kim hastily Packed her bags and children. And moved out of a luxurious family mansion to live with her mother.

As for the West, he, according to foreign media reports, is undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

We will remind, the actor was hospitalized recently after a nervous breakdown in the gym. According to eyewitnesses, the actor behaved inappropriately: snatched with fists on the coach and other visitors. Club protection reported incident personal physician celebrity. And that, after examining the client has consented to its admission. Kanye resisted. Then doctors had to put on his handcuffs.

Now West is a full examination at the medical center Ronald Reagan University of California. Doctors have sounded the diagnosis of nervous exhaustion against the background of overwork, writes Daily Mail.

However, pals Kanye sure things are much more complicated, saying that the last time their friend was acting paranoid. At some point he even started having hallucinations, he claimed to want to kill him.

In addition, West disrupted a concert in Sacramento. The rapper came on stage and instead of singing, he began to blame Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z. the Audience booed Kanye, and he left the room half an hour after the beginning of the concert. After that West has canceled his tour.

And finally, on the eve of a nervous breakdown, the rapper has published in his Instagram 99 pictures of clothes and shoes, which immediately suggests the inadequacy of the artist.

The outcome of this story, do not presume to guess even friends of the couple. At the same time claim that Kim is ready to fight to the last, and still wants to keep the family together.