Kardashian makes the whole family to copy her style

Кардашьян заставляет всю семью копировать ее стиль

The Kardashian family went on vacation to Cuba. According to tradition, Kim has carefully planned closet, and not only his own, but husband and daughter.

It is unlikely the world is more obsessed with fashion and clothing star than Kim Kardashian. She makes very high demands as to its external conduct, and so to the wardrobe of the household. The star of the reality show tries to make her outfit perfectly combined with clothes of her little daughter North and husband Kanye. Seems they have become for her something of a fashion accessories.

The similarity of the outfits Kim Kardashian clothes worn by her family, sometimes even scary. For example, during a recent visit to Cuba, where he was showing a special collection of Chanel, Kim appeared on the streets in a dazzling white kit. Her outfit consisted of a narrow floor-length dresses and a corset. The husband and daughter of the stars is fully consistent with its image: Kanye – in a white shirt and pants, and North cream dress with fringe.

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