Kardashian decided to get rid of big round ass

Кардашьян решила избавиться от большой попы

I guess Kim realized that her ass is more famous than the mistress, and decided from the opponent to get rid of.

It’s hard to believe, but Kim no longer wants to wear the title of “priest No. 1”. The star, who so diligently everywhere stuck out his dignity, decided to say goodbye to him.

The intention to part with bulky thighs Kim told herself during the Vogue Festival held in London. The star told reporters that after the second birth (5 December he was born the son of Kim St. West) her body has changed not for the better. Yes, she managed to lose weight, but now is an outstanding fifth point prevents Kim to live.

“I want to gain shape as I had in 2010-2011, and will strive towards this,” said Kardashian.

Fans immediately rushed to compare photos from different years and came to the conclusion that Kim knowingly suspect in the plastic.

Кардашьян решила избавиться от большой попы
Kim in 2010

Kim in 2010

On images 2010 the stars of the reality are quite different, not so impressive form, and if you wander even further, so in 2007, the intervention of surgeons will be there! More precisely, on the ass…

Even before that, Kim was tested on an x-ray to prove that her fifth point is a reward from nature, and not some implants, however, surgeons then got it and said that the star just pumped the fat from waist to hips and made them a facelift, in order to gain a round shape.

Now Mrs. Kardashian the reverse situation – after pregnancy fat deposits on the hips became too much, and therefore she decided to get rid of them.

However, the fans admit that excessive amounts of Kim annoyed for a completely different reason. The girl just tired of being the man who praised the priest.

And in your opinion whether Kim reduce buttocks?

  • Of course! Smashed it…
  • Why just under the surgeon’s knife? Maybe to eat less and more exercise?
  • In her youth she was certainly more graceful
  • Kim and I with any booty like that. She always looks good

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