Кардашьян стала похожа на городскую сумасшедшую

It seems Kim Kardashian has a psychotic break. At least, the only way to explain the choice of such an unusual outfit.

The reality star is used to shock and shock the audience. Its main advantage is Nude, which she tries to demonstrate each time your publication. However, judging by the fresh pictures, Kim Kardashian decided to change tactics. Rather, to borrow it from Lady Gaga.

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Kim together with Kanye West arrived in new York a few days before fashion Week. Of course, its main goal is to attract more attention. And, it seems, it is a good work out! Paparazzi captured the star on the streets of the city in a very strange toilet. It consisted of a corset, lace bra, velocipedes and silk kimono with embroidery on the back. All this splendor Kardashian revived fur flip flops and huge sunglasses in a futuristic style. In this outfit Kardashian was like a freak or crazy city!

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