Kanye West says new album is on top of a mountain in Wyoming

Канье Вест пишет новый альбом на вершине горы в Вайоминге

Edition of UsWeekly, citing reliable sources, reports that the famous American rapper Kanye West, retired from social networking last week, is now at the top of a mountain in Wyoming, where recording a new album.

“He’s always looking for inspiration in remote places. For many years this place was Jamaica,” said the insider. Kanye went to the mountains in search of inspiration just last week, probably at the same time they got rid of accounts in social networks.
In the last few months (after a nervous breakdown and hospitalization, occurred in November) West avoids social events. 21-time Grammy winner this year, missed the Ball costume Institute, for the first time in 2013. But his wife Kim Kardashian was there, and immediately denied the rumors of marital crisis, saying that Kanye just needs time to return to a past life.