Канье Уэст сплагиатил Лорд

Singer Lord appreciates your ideas and angry if someone copies or issues of their own. She said in Twitter that rapper Kanye West used his concert the same glass cage!

At the concert, Camp Flog Gnaw Kanye and kid Cudi decided to play the tracks in glass design, which was suspended on invisible cables. It looked delicious but not for the singer Lorde. She had accused the singer in plaice. In several interviews last year the Lord told me how proud of his unique idea with the floating “box”. At his concerts the singer sings and performs the choreography directly in the design. When she saw that Kanye used the same design in the show, I was not thrilled.

To remain silent she could not and accused the artists in instagram. She made a selection of photos from his concert and Kanye. “I am very proud of my ideas. Cool when they are so good that other artists decide to use them for yourself. But remember, never steal. Neither women nor anyone else,” says the Lord in the caption to the selection.

Recall, Kanye West never ceases to amaze fans. Previously, he invited to his study of a homeless rapper and even ran into a colleague of Drake. The contractor says about the mind control.

“People invent rumors and think that you slept with my wife, and you don’t say anything about it and just live with it. I don’t like it. You know, it’s as if I got to Chicago there was a girl by the name Ranita, and you were married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t write a song called “Riri”. When you say “Oh, I don’t know where it came from,” you’re too smart to behave this way. Do you know where it is,” said Kanye over fictional rumors.

And recently, the artist made live on the platform of the Periscope, where he talked about the control of his mind and stated that he considers himself “the greatest of all living artists”. “I sometimes feel like I’m in control. I’m serious! The people around, their opinion, their evaluation. It’s all getting to me. They control my mind,” said West.

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