Kanye West insulted Beyonce and her fans at the concert in Sacramento

Канье Уэст оскорбил Бейонсе и своих поклонников на концерте в Сакраменто

At a concert in Sacramento Kanye West sang only three songs, made a strange speech about Beyonce and Jay-Z, and then published just 99 photos on instagram.

Concert Kanye West (Kanye West) in Sacramento has disappointed fans of the rapper. The musician was late for half an hour, he sang only three songs and left after unflattering speech of Beyonce (Beyonce) and Jay-Z (Jay-Z).

West talked about the fact that the singer refused to perform at the MTV VMA 2016 in case of defeat in the nomination “Video of the year”:

“Beyonce, I was hurt when I heard you said you won’t speak, if you will not Video of the year for me, and Hotline Bling. I’m not trying to insult Beyonce, she’s great. Taylor swift is also great. We are great people and we are all equal. But sometimes we are too fond of playing politics, and we forget who we really are, just for the sake of victory. To hell with victory. To hell with the desire to look cool. Screw being cool. Screw it, bro. I was sent here to tell you the truth, risking his life, success, career,” said Kanye.

Канье Уэст оскорбил Бейонсе и своих поклонников на концерте в Сакраменто

Then the rapper turned to his wife Beyonce, Jay-Z: “Jay, give me a call bro! You still haven’t called me. Jay-Z, give me a call. Jay, I know you got your killers, please don’t order me you just give me a call. Talk to me like a man”.

Their strange antics of Kanye West continued in social networks. For the first time in two months that he was on instagram, the rapper made a new publication. He posted just 99 posts: all of them low — quality photos of models, clothing and shoes, in which some of the media saw the lookbook of Maison Martin Margiela. Before that, West had published only one picture — a scene from the movie “total Recall” (Total Recall) 1990.

Fans fill up Kanye West’s comments, which outraged his actions at the concert and try to understand the meaning of his posts. However, their behavior rapper no comment.