Канье Вест грозится бойкотировать Грэмми

Boo! He got all scared! Kanye West threatens the organizers of the Grammys, which will not come to the ceremony if his friend Frank ocean (Frank Ocean) will not be nominated, but this is impossible because the contractor is not invested within the required timeframe, as required by the rules. Kanye said that the organizers should think about changing the rules if they want to see him in person at the awards ceremony.

“The album I most listened to this year is the album of Frank ocean. I’m telling you like it is: if his album will not get any nomination, I’m not coming to the Grammys. As artists, we should be together to resist this de..mu,” said West.
Last week, Frank introduced two new songs, “Blonde” and “Endless”, but none of them does not fall in the same category this year. Ocean’s representative also confirmed that because of the failed deadlines, his album can not claim any award for a Grammy this year.