Канье Уэст вытеснил Майкла Джексона

American rapper Kanye West, pushed the king of pop Michael Jackson from the Billboard. We are talking about the top ten most popular male performers whose name most often appeared in the Billboard charts. The West got the last spot in the top ten, thereby displacing Michael. Kanye 40 times struggled in the ratings, at the time, as Michael is only 39.

Канье Уэст вытеснил Майкла Джексона
Edition BangShowBiz reports that Kanye Pople in the top ten thanks to his new single “THat Part”. The West has repeatedly stated that Michael Jackson had a great influence on the formation of his AK artist and singer.

“Without Michael I would not be Kanye West” — he said.
The Billboard Hot was founded in 1958 in the Wake of the success of the king of rock-n-roll Elvis Presley. By the way, last still in the lead in it (he’s eighty-appearances in the charts). In second place – lill Wayne (69 appearances), and closes the three leaders of Elton John (57 appearances).

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