Kanye West has moved on from Kim and children

Канье Уэст съехал от Ким и детей

Coming from a psychiatric clinic, Kanye West decided not to return to his wife and children.

In the star family Kardashian recently continuous problems: first, Kim was robbed, then her husband was in the hospital with nervous exhaustion… And here again not the glory of God: leaving the psychiatric clinic, West cannot return to the family!

As told to journalists a source from the team of the show “the Family Kardashian” Kim and Kanye are now living separately. For that, the rapper rented a house. Fortunately, this decision is forced for both spouses and is associated with doctors ‘ recommendations. They consider that being around children can cause stress West and, as a consequence, recidivism.

“Now, Kanye does not live at home with Kim and their two children, daughter North and his son Saint. Instead, he receives outpatient medical care elsewhere. Kim is concerned about the situation, but continues to support Kanye. They don’t know how long he will need outpatient care.

Despite the fact that they are separated, Kim cares about your best friend and soul mate. Between them there are problems and misunderstandings, like any couple, but they still love each other,” he told People magazine a source from the show “the Family Kardashian”.

Kim strongly supports the spouse. When he was in the hospital, I had always been close. And in the case of discharge arranged a family party, which, however, turned out that the husband got right back to the doctors with fatigue. Obviously, so now he recommended complete rest.