Канье Вест не писал текст песни «Famous»

It turns out that not only Kanye West can consider Taylor swift su*Oh. Former PR Manager of the Barbados singer Rihanna Jonathan hay said that the lyrics to the controversial hit “Famous”, which is now more talking than listening, written not by himself, Kanye, and the rapper Sayhi ze Prince (Cyhi The Prynce), whose real name is Yang siedel.

“Lyrics to the song he wrote Seidel. Now Kanye takes the cream with all this negative history, but the text does not belong to him. The main square is also listed in the official credits as co-writer of the song, which became the most scandalous this year,” said Jonathan.
But a source close to West says the text, after all he wrote it, and the main square only slightly helped him with this. We don’t know who came up with a crazy idea to call a country singer, obscene words, this is one of them, obviously, will not tell.
Recall that the scandal erupted the same day when a new song Vesta “Famous” aired. Taylor was taken aback from such impudence, and Kanye hid behind the fact that he asked permission to mention swift in her song, and she even thanked him for this honor. As proof, the wife of Kanye Kim Kardashian posted on the court of human them with Taylor conversation. Swift also continues to insist that she promised to listen to the song before the final release, but it never happened.
Much to the delight of Kanye and Kim because of the American legislation Taylor is unable to pursue them in court due to the fact that they published this record, it would seem that a private conversation, so that their fight would have continue in the legal plane.

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