Kanye West began to play sports

Канье Вест начал заниматься спортом

Health, health and again health! American rapper Kanye West still can’t get a gig due to his erratic emotional behavior, however, the artist continues to take treatment and sports to improve their health. As it became known, Kanye recently started Boxing and basketball.

So, on Tuesday, the rapper was spotted leaving the gym after a basketball game. The company he was several of his friends, one of whom was holding two basketball. Last week one of the insiders said that Kanye will not continue, until you come in the usual form, and sport is one way to quickly come back to normal.
“Classes – physical and spiritual, is the best way for him to quickly recover and continue working,” — said the insider. As it became known, Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian visiting a therapist, however, we are not talking about a family crisis – the couple are trying to get rid of stress.
Recall that a nervous breakdown Vesta happened in November of this year, just ahead of a big European tour which, much to the chagrin of the rapper and his fans had to cancel. The reason was the stress after the September robbery of the wife of Kanye and mother of his children Kim Kardashian. Insomnia and chaotic self-medication with antidepressants has led to physical and mental exhaustion of Vesta, and a nervous breakdown is the best thing that could happen to him. After spending a few weeks in a specialized clinic, the artist moved into one of his houses, where he continued treatment.