Kanye West became the reason of mass dismissal of staff the Los Angeles hospital

Канье Уэст стал причиной массового увольнения персонала лос-анджелесской больницы

The last few months was not the easiest for the family Kardashian-West. The loudest events of the couple Kim and Kanye was her robbery and his hospitalization.

Rapper identified in a specialized clinic UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he most recently was treated, restored his mental state.

But today, the clinic UCLA Medical Center has all chances to become famous not as an institution that helps people cope with their problems, and as a place that violates doctor-patient confidentiality. Especially when it comes to star patients.

Journalists of Internet-portal TMZ has learned that now the management of the clinic initiated an investigation with the aim of identifying violations of medical confidentiality.

The fact is that while the famous rapper was in the hospital, many nurses and even some doctors, not only trying to photograph the star of the patient, but also to get acquainted with its history.

Today was already fired several employees, who thus paid for his curiosity.