Kanye West and Kim Kardashian argue about the third child

Канье Вест и Ким Кардашьян спорят о третьем ребёнке

With Kanye West and Kim Kardashian again the clouds are gathering. As it turned out, the celebrities argue about the third child: the reality star dreams of a new baby while the rapper is not lit to be a father again.

Insiders close to the family of celebrities, reported that Kim became obsessed with the idea of having a third child. She takes her thoughts around the clock, and becomes a cause of quarrels with the husband. Kanye believes that it would be nice to wait with this question.
“The fact that Kim is unable to have a baby alone, drives her into depression, and lack of support for Kanye only adds to it,” the insider said and added that it is time to talk about another crisis in the marriage of celebrities. Kim grew up in a large family and always wanted to and they with Kanye was so. But due to health problems Kim can’t carry and give birth to the baby. The only possibility to produce more heirs is a surrogate mother.
“Kim can not independently make the decision about the baby. It has already started to look for a surrogate mother, but Kanye refused to participate in this and insists that the wife must listen to his voice,” said the insider. The West now wants to focus on his music and not in new family problems. To avoid a quarrel with his wife, Kanye for a long time disappear from the house referring to employment. They no longer spend so much time together as before.