Kanye West and JAY-Z had a falling out over money

Канье Вест и ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ поссорились из-за денег

Friendship friendship, and money apart. Known racer Kanye West said goodbye to Tidal, a music streaming service owned by his rival and friend, the rapper JAY-Z. The reason for this was monetary dispute between celebrities.

TMZ reports that Kanye demanded a bonus of 3 million dollars. what attracted in service of more than 1.5 million users of their 2015 album “The Life of Pablo”. Attorney Vesta twice in the last month contacted the company. For the first time – a warning and a message stating that they look forward to receipt of the bonus Bank account and a second notice of termination of the contract. West was and this moment remains one of the few stars of the first magnitude, collaborating with the service on special conditions.
In Tidal has already responded to the warning and Kanye announced that he will sue him if he will move to a different streaming service. I must say that one of the reasons for the differences between the former friends can become the song “Jay Z Kill”, included in the album JAY-Z “4:44” in which he alludes to Kanye. There are such words: “You quit school, you lost your principles/ You give him 20 million without hesitation, and he gives you only 20 minutes on stage, what was he thinking?”. Sources claim that there are in the song and a link to the album Vesta “West, The College Dropout” in 2004, the mention of which would only exacerbate the quarrel of celebrities.
Recall that in the autumn of last year Kanye had a nervous breakdown. During performances the West not once reviled former friend JAY-Z, accusing him of callousness, and that he was not interested in his life, and after the Paris robbery Kim neither Jay nor his wife Beyonce, which Kanye thought close friends weren’t even interested in about her health.