Kanawha traded Batrutdinova the guy from Kazan

Канануха променяла Батрутдинова на парня из Казани

The winner of the popular TV show has begun to emerge that no longer suffers from the third star of the Bachelor.

The participants of the third season of “the Bachelor” has arranged for his personal life – and only Daria Kananoja no hurry to advertise the details of their relationship after “love” to Timur Batrutdinova in the project.

But recently decided to whet the interest of the subscribers and showed not only the bouquet from the “unknown fan”, but a shared photo. Did this Daria in the spirit – laying out in instagram a screenshot site news StarHit “Well, since I tracked down… it is a Sin not to share”. Photo Daria tenderly embraces broad-shouldered brunette who stands with his back to the camera.

Exclusive photos with the publication shared some Catherine, who allegedly accidentally captured a couple in love in the hallway of the restaurant. After dinner, I went out into the corridor to call and saw a couple embracing, – quotes the magazine StarHit words of the author of the frame. — In the girl and knew the star. Sorry did not work to remove from the face — they left quickly, but before long hugging and whispering something to each other.

A picture of Daria Kanawha commented:

— Yes, this is my boyfriend, but he wants to remain anonymous, what has the right.

To call the young man a new love Daria’s a stretch: in the fall of Daria even admitted that after the project in its life there was a real man, but to present it to the public she’s not ready. Because he doesn’t want to be loved compared with Timur Batrutdinov.

Before the new year by shooting a student TV Dasha again admitted that she has a man. Leading to the question – would she meet poor student, who sincerely loved her, Daria replied, that is already in this situation now, and loved it already has. However, immediately clarified that the word “poor” is not quite appropriate.

Attentive subscribers Dasenech social networks back in early February, could see the face of her beloved: on one of the photos Daria is posing on the background of the small magnets in the shape of a big heart. Each magnet consists of a photograph:

“I decided to collect the best memories and now everyone dear to me close,” commented snapshot of the Dasha. In panels not less than ten photos with the beloved, and only one – with Timur, and – a frame from “the Bachelor”.

Recall that Daria Kananoja from Kazan became the winner of the third season of the show “the Bachelor.” The project seriously changed the lives of almost all of the participants – some have started their own business, have become popular in advertising and, judging by the interview, all met their true love. Timur Batrutdinov has placed all points over i in a relationship with Daria Cananachas in August, the shooting of the Aqua Comedy show, which was held in Kazan. After that, Daria opened a school of etiquette and personal growth for children. And now decided to Stoke the interest of fans and has submitted a photograph with her man.

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