Kamil Larin showed wedding photos

Камиль Ларин показал свадебное фото
The actor and his young wife are celebrating their anniversary.

Photo: Instagram

50-year-old actor Kamil Larin and his wife Catherine celebrate today leather wedding. Exactly three years ago, they became an official couple and invited guests for a lavish Banquet in honor of their wedding.

In Camille’s second marriage, so the ceremony was not pressed. With the last wife he lived twenty years. But Catherine got married for the first time, so it was important for her and white dress, and the bride’s bouquet, and the guests in the restaurant… Larin was happy to fulfill the dream of his beloved. This day the husband and wife is celebrated every year and love it more than the New year and their own birthdays.

This year, large festivals Larini not going to hold. Their daughter leysan just a month and a half. Therefore, spouses plan early to put the kids to bed (they also have a son Daniyar, which this year celebrated two years) and have a romantic dinner.

In honor lodovisi Camille published in a personal blog a beautiful wedding photo and signed with the humor in his own manner: “3 years! Have a safe flight! The status of the space station is good!”

By the way, the couple is not afraid of the notorious crisis three years of marriage. They believe that the Union they had made already with experience and knowing what mistakes they should avoid in life together.