Камиль Ларин отмечает бумажную свадьбу
Two years ago, the actor married a second time.

Kamil Larin and his wife Ekaterina Andreeva

Photo: Facebook Kamil Larin

Love all ages and it’s never too late to start life
from scratch — these two wisdom confirmed two years ago, actor of comic theater “Quartet
And” Kamil Larin, when 47 years old married for the second time. His choice was
employee of a major company, Ekaterina Andreeva. 14 Sep 2014 the couple
played a wedding with all relying attributes: white bride’s dress,
limo, dinner for friends, jokes and contests.

With the first wife Galina Larin has lived for more than twenty years. They have
there is a 23-year-old son Ian. Camille joked that he and his first wife, absolutely not
approached each other in the horoscope, but that didn’t stop them mark porcelain
the wedding, which falls on the 20th anniversary of their life together.

With current wife Larin lived until ten times less. In
people a wedding is called “paper”, because of the fragility of relationships. But Camille
and Catherine believe that this Union, they concluded, having already got experience and
knowing what mistakes should they avoid in life together.