Каменских со слезами рассказала о падении с запасным парашютом

Whole life before my eyes Nastya Kamenskih flying at the very moment when, during a parachute jump it parachute did not open and had to settle for a spare, which ultimately led to the leg injury.

Fairly quickly the participant duet “Potap and Nastya” was given first aid, was taken to the hospital, where we even had to do a small operation. Now Nastya’s life is not in danger. The singer feels good.

Note that on the same day, as it happened, Kamensky personally told about the incident to his followers and was even smiling. Apparently, in the body of Nastya had elevated levels of adrenaline, which added the star of optimism and good mood.

Now, after a couple of days after the incident, Kamensky realized how sad the ending could be that jump now, tells everything Nastya with tears in his eyes: “I looked up and saw that we have disconnected one parachute,” said video artist. – I understand that we have worked a spare. We very quickly fell. When I saw the foot touches the ground and just turns the other way, it was awful! And just the man for a moment still thinking he could not fly. I’m happy to be alive”.

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