«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала Legendary detective serial last December was eighteen years old. Television series based on novels by Alexandra Marinina over the years, gained millions of fans. “StarHit” figured out how to developed a career and personal life of the artist embodied on the screen of brilliant detectives.
«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала

The series “Kamenskaya” were published in December 1999. Telepremera the first season took place in January 2000. Among the series of detective films “Kamenskaya” is the special, intellectually twisted storyline. Heroes-detectives personified the elite analysts of the detective business. For many years their role was performed by brilliant actors: Elena Yakovleva, Sergey Garmash, Sergey Nikonenko. How was the fate of the actors of the legendary series?

Elena Yakovleva

«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала

The main character of the series is known for its analytical abilities, outstanding intelligence, as well as “difficult”, which is the ability to defend their point of view, in spite of the authorities. For all seasons the role of Anastasia takes a talented actress Elena Yakovleva.

Arriving from Kharkov to Moscow, Elena from the first attempt he entered GITIS. Upon completion was accepted into one of the leading Moscow theatres — the Sovremennik. For its inclusion in the troupe of the members of the artistic Council, headed by Galina Volchek voted unanimously — a rare case. This theater actress gave 27 years of his career. However, in may 2011 left it. Together with Yakovleva from the theater left, and her husband, Valery Crazy.

“It’s accumulated over the years. Played many performances for 18 – 20 years. Did not seem to develop, and chew the same gum… What do the Actresses, passed a certain age milestone? Play that’s played in his youth, is ridiculous. We must move on to other roles,” – said on his retirement Elena Yakovleva in an interview.

The in-demand actress in the movie, it removed a lot. In her repertoire and the role of melodramatic and fairy-tale characters. 56-year-old star doesn’t hide its age and the secrets of her beauty. “On the advice of the producer of the series “Kamenskaya” agreed on a small “lift” wrinkles around the eyes. Take care of themselves, visit a beautician. Before an important event not advise to use new creams. Once I had such a case, the face just went red spots. Mask folk, of course, more efficiently and with pleasure would make myself a mask of yogurt, if the morning was rubber”, – the actress shared the secrets of self-care.

Elena Yakovleva told about the new addition to the family

Sergey Garmash

«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала

Sergey Garmash – artist role of detective Yuri Korotkov, who died in the performance of their duties. The actor starred in the series for four seasons. And in the fifth… asked to “kill” his character.

Theatrical career of the actor is inextricably linked with the theater “Contemporary”. Sergey Garmash is one of the leading actors of the theater. His repertoire includes leading roles in productions: Lopakhin in “the Cherry orchard”, the older brother in “Karamazov and hell”, the gigolo in “Three comrades,” the first Minister in the play “once again about naked king” and other roles.

The actor appeared in films, on account of his more than 100 roles. He plays in the “action” psychological dramas and historical films. His works include such films as “the Twelve,” “the Inhabited island” and others. Many risky stunts actor carries himself as a true stuntman. One of the last works of Garmash – the image of Emperor Alexander III in the drama “Matilda”.

About his role in film and stage actor once confessed in an interview: “With my face on it would be difficult to play a gentle lover”. However, all the images of the actor’s distinctive and memorable in their own internal force.

Implemented actor and in his personal life. With his wife Inna they are together for more than 30 years. Inna – the actress, like her husband many years, she is in the theater “Contemporary”.

“For myself, I long ago formulated a thought. What is a happy family? When people try each other to give the race! This, of course, the ideal formula, and Inna and not role models, especially me. However, we may not race, but still able to each other to concede. And it is in maintaining the love, friendship and, among other things, common interests — the main thing,” confessed the actor in an interview.

The couple has two children – daughter Daria 29 years, son Ivan was only 11. “Vanya, who was born 18 years after the birth Dasha is a true gift from God. I think maybe, for the Lord has given us, that is not entirely bad, we the people, not so bad living on this earth. Roly is so great, he gave us years of life. Definitely — I am 100 percent convinced — said the youth: here I am in my 50 years I feel quite a boy,” said the actor about his son in an interview with reporters.

Sergey Nikonenko

«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала

Victor A. Gordeev, “the Gingerbread man” – the chief of Department of criminal investigation Department of the Moscow police. Wise, kind and fair. The wall is ready to stand up for their employees. The role of the Kolobok is a famous actor, Director and screenwriter Sergey Nikonenko. On account of his nearly 200 roles in film and television.

“Kamenskaya” – the first in the career of 76-year-old actor show. In the role of Colonel Gordeev actor was so convincing that soon followed by a new job offer. The actor also starred in such television series as “Heavy sand”, “the homeland waits”, “Count Krestovsky” and “death of the Empire”.

The first wife of actor became Irina Melnikova. Despite the fact that before marriage they knew each other 10 years, their marriage lasted a very short time – from 1964 to 1966. The second wife of actor was Eugene Soloviev, a famous fashion designer. Sergey Nikonenko told how he lived in two houses

“Nikonenko has taught me to relish the swearing. It turns out that this was the only way to get respect from the neighbors! The lessons were not in vain, I still use the tips Seryozha, I am able to put in place any. It’s an art — how to swear, where to put the emphasis, where to lower her voice and where to improve. For Nikonenko I was like Galatea to Pygmalion. Besides, he taught me not only to deal with the neighbors, but to adequately communicate with a select audience,” recalled Eugene about their life together in Moscow’s communal apartments.

Since 1974, the actor married to actress Catherine Voronina. In 1994, the couple created a “eseninskiy cultural center” on the Arbat, which still exists to this day. The couple has a grown son Nicanor. Grandson Peter 9 years old, and granddaughter Kate is only 3 years.

Andrey Ilyin

«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала

Andrey Ilyin – the role of patient and understanding husband, Anastasia. Chistyakov – for many tele-viewers is the embodiment of the perfect man. Mathematician, faithfully loving Nastya. Chistyakov often helps Kamenskaya are in the analytical work and is willing to put up with all its shortcomings. About his role in the series, the actor says, “I realized that this kind of brand. This is a sample of an ideal husband. And hopefully someone my hero helped. Maybe someone took his scheme of communication with the Nasty note to myself… Now I am happy that fate gave me the fate Chistyakov”.

Ilin starred in dozens of film and TV projects. The first great success of Andrey Ilyin brought the role of student Felix Rajewski in the film of Peter Todorovsky “What a wonderful game”. After this picture the actor drew the attention of the Directors, began to receive offers. For her acting career Ilyin played and Prince, and head, and the killer and the Prosecutor. Starred actor and the role of the plant Manager and the owner of the modeling Agency.

Personal life Andrey Ilyin for a long time was difficult. The actor was married three times. The first wife of Andrei Ilyin became a colleague — an actress of theatre of Russian drama in Riga Lyudmila Voroshilov. Their marriage lasted 9 years. Then, in the 90 years, the actor has tied up long-term relationship with the daughter of Oleg Tabakov Alexandra. The third wife was the swimming coach Olga. This marriage also fell apart. Since 2010, the beloved Andrew was the editor of television Inga Rutkevich, which gave the actor son Tikhon.

Dmitry Kharatyan

«Каменская»: как сложились судьбы актеров культового сериала

In a series of “reluctant Killer” Dmitry Kharatyan played the role of brother, Anastasia, Alexandra.

Becoming famous after starring in the legendary 1987 film “midshipmen, forward!”, 57-year-old actor has not lost its popularity to this day. Throughout his acting career Dmitry Kharatyan starred in more than eighty films and has continued acting to the present.

In 2004, the actor was the host of the reality show “12 little Indians” on TNT. In 2007 he played the role of a poet’s Soul in a rock Opera, based on poems of Yevgeny Yevtushenko “Go white snegi”. The play with the help of Dmitry Haratyan toured throughout Russia. In 2009 Kharatyan together with the singer Olga Orlova participated in the third season of the musical TV show “Two stars” on the Russian “First channel”, where he won third place.

From 2009 to the present, Dmitry is a leading international music festival “legends of Retro FM” in tandem with Tatiana Vedeneyeva. From 2010 to 2011, the actor was the leading program “Good evening, Moscow!” on TV channel “TV Center”. Dmitry regularly invited to the jury of the Higher League of KVN. From 2010 to 2013, the actor led the program “Big family” first channel “Russia-1”, since 2011 on the channel “Russia-Culture”. In August 2013, in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region opened a theater Studio “School cadets” under the leadership of Dmitry Haratyan. More than fifty children studying there acting, fencing, dancing, stage movement and speech, vocal.

With his first wife Marina Borisovoi Dmitry studied at the Higher theatrical school named after M. S. Schepkin. In 1982 they had a daughter Alexandra.

“My daughter and I have the same birthday for two, she was also born on January 21,” said the actor in an interview.

The couple divorced in 1988. But the father and daughter to communicate, to have a great relationship. Alexander graduated with honors from the University majoring in “Finance and banking”.

Second wife — Marina Maiko – movie actress, winner of beauty contest “Miss Tiraspol — 1988”. Dmitry and Marina met in 1989. “We met at the filming in Odessa. Sea, sun, shooting, and romance. I immediately drew attention to its subtlety, fragility, beauty and grandeur. It was quite similar to others, some private. We struck up a holiday romance that turned into a long family life,” the actor recalled in an interview with reporters. In 1997, Marina and Dmitry entered into a formal marriage. A year later they had a son Ivan.

Dmitriy Nagiev

Dmitriy Nagiev acted in the first season of the series. His hero is Michael Foresters, captain of militia (after the first season left the Department Gordeeva to Interpol, and then the FSB).

Well-known actor and showman,50-year-old Dmitry Nagiyev takes part in numerous TV projects. Often present to the jury in the Highest League of KVN. In 2010 and 2011 with his ex-wife Alisa Sher (actress Alla Nagaway) held the awards ceremony of the radio station “Piter FM”.In 2011, together with Natalia Andreichenko and Stepan Urgant led the reality show “Mother in law” on TV channel “Pepper”. From 2012 to 2016 starred in the Comedy series “Kitchen” (the role of the owner of the restaurant “Claude Monet”). Leads the project “the Voice” and “Voice. Children.” Since December 2012, the actor has become the new “voice” “Jokes Russian radio”, replacing Vadim galygina. Since 2012 is a regular presenter of the annual ceremony “Golden gramophone” in a duet with Ivan Urgant. From 2013 to 2016 starred in the television series “Two fathers and two sons”, “Teacher”. Very soon on the screens of the country will Christmas the movie “new Christmas Tree” with his participation. “Persuasion, intrigue, torture, I hit the “new Tree”. But it turned out to be surprisingly funny. Not all of course, but sometimes. My places”, – wrote the actor on his page in social networks. The actor involved in the advertising campaigns. In 2016 Nagiev has become the most secured actor in Russia according to the magazine “Forbes”.

To the person Dmitriy applies with the same humor.

“Fate has given me eternal road, the unearthly beauty, beautiful voice, beautiful figure, a thick head of hair and the ability to a free interpretation of the real state of things,” wrote the actor on his page on “Instagram”.

Officially, the actor was married once. His marriage to Alla Nagieva (a pseudonym Alisa Sher) lasted 18 years. The couple formally divorced in 2010, but they broke up much earlier. About her marriage with Dmitry Nagiyev Alla has written two books. In 2004 – “I was wife Nagieva” in 2005 — “How never to get married. Harmful advice former wife of Dmitry Nagiyev”. Son Dmitry, Cyril — actor, DJ and TV presenter. He starred in the TV series. He is known for his shooting the movie “Brigada: Naslednik”. Dmitriy Nagiev explained his relationship with Olga Buzova