Kaley cuoco was seriously injured during the honeymoon

Кейли Куоко серьезно пострадала во время медового месяца
The actress underwent emergency surgery.

Кейли Куоко серьезно пострадала во время медового месяца

Kaley Cuoco


32-year-old star of “the big Bang Theory”
where the accident happened, proved that the spirit never falls. Even being in a hospital bed, kaley cuoco continues
to connect with fans, leading to his page in the social Network report from
the surgical clinic.

“It’s funny, when your honeymoon suddenly you’re
in the hands of a surgeon, you do surgery on the shoulder. Besides, I’m a little
knocks sense that my husband somehow looks indecent
happy…” said Kaylee, which is less than a week ago played fun
a wedding with the man I love — Carl cook.

Cuoco new husband all the time that she
was in the hospital, never left the bed of his wife and tried to cheer her up:Kaylee not in vain thanked him for
the help and support. However, hairdresser
from Karl turned unimportant. After the operation the right hand of the actress were fixed
surgical bandage, and she could not comb her hair. So the actress has asked for the help
husband, to put in order her hair. “I just asked him
make me high “tail”!” — said kaylie . “And here is the result!” — she signed under photo, which was pictured not too good
the fruits of his labor. “However, it’s not so bad — I’m on my way to recovery!” —
consoled his fans were frustrated actress.

Under what circumstances cuoco got
trauma, she said. But most likely this incident is related to a shared hobby
Kayleigh and Karl — equestrian sport, which, incidentally, he met, in his time,
the dressage competition.

Kaley cuoco with Carl cook