Кейли Куоко хотят засудить за автомобильную аварию
The driver of the affected car requires a substantial compensation.

Kaley Cuoco


For kaley cuoco, the star of the show “big Bang Theory”,
sued a California resident Kevin Teruya. The statement stated: the plaintiff requires
him to pay moral and physical damage, occurred in a car accident involving cuoco. Kevin longs to
compensation for “damage it
physical pain and suffering, loss of wages due to temporary
disability, damage to property and the expenses incurred for treatment in
the hospital.” The exact amount of compensation claimed was from 26-year-old actress while
unknown, however, as pointed out by the victim in his statement, it will be higher
25 thousand dollars.

Kaylie, who, as previously reported, will soon become the lawful wife of her
boyfriend Charles cook, not too concerned about this lawsuit. Quite possibly, her
the lawyer will be able to prove that actually all these claims
unfounded. And we are not talking about fair compensation, and about the attempt

The fact that this story for quite some time — in March of 2016, was widely reported in the press. And then the media has photos from the scene of the accident. As
it was reported that the accident occurred near the home of the actress, at the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and
Country Club Place in Tazana (CA). And, as was seen in
published images, the Range Rover is only slightly dented rear Mercedes-Benz Kevin Teruya. More
also Teruya allegedly severely injured in the accident, then looked quite cheerful
and quietly wrote down the insurance information, which provided him with the actress.
And the actress didn’t look too anxious, that could hardly be, if the accident was really serious.