Kalashnikov is going through because of the attacks after DNA test

Калашникова переживает из-за нападок после ДНК-теста

Meanwhile, Madame Janette steadfastly silent about the scandal.

Oh, it’s been a rough week Prokhor Shalyapin and his bride Anna! Recently in the program “Let them talk” announced the results of the DNA test, the 32-year-old singer. And here’s the surprise! According to the analysis, he is not the father of little Daniel… And it was because of the baby Chaliapin left the last family and left a successful businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina.

It is easy to guess that after this Prochorus has postponed the wedding. But Anna believes and is confident that her future husband got excited for nothing…

“In this cruel world no one to trust… People have to Express themselves, suppressing and humiliating the other… Trite and cruel. But if the external environment can withstand the blow and continue to fight, hit from close to you mortal…” wrote Belle in her Instagram.

The girl was expecting sympathy, yet in her address just showered reproaches.

“Deceived man”, “what were you hoping for?”, “She gave birth to the child from another, and Prochorus blame…” – turned against the girl subscribers.

Chaliapin is keeping mum. Like, feelings for Anna he has, but to forgive the betrayal he did not intend. However, some believe that numerous disassembly pairs in public – just PR. And I assure you that the couple is still married. After all, 10 million in the ceremony-we have already invested…

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