Кайя Гербер закрутила роман с опасным молодым человеком

Кайя Гербер закрутила роман с опасным молодым человеком

Kaia Gerber – 18-year-old successful model and daughter of all the famous Cindy Crawford. The last time the girl noticed a young person Pete Davidson. And yesterday the paparazzi were able to capture how Pete goes out of Kaia. According to the insider, the couple really began a romantic relationship. Most likely they met at the Grand fashion show, which took place in June. For the 25-year-old Davidson this show was the first in my life, but Gerber has participated in events such a sample. After that, the paparazzi often spot them in one company.

All is good, but fans of Kaya worries stay Pete with her. First and foremost, the guy has proved himself not with the best hand in relations with girls. Many consider him a real heartthrob. His last affair lasted only two months, and he dumped the girl a week ago. Over the past couple years, Davidson noted four serious relationships, and Ariana Grande-boyfriend was engaged. However, they broke before reaching the wedding altar.

The fact that Pete changes his girls like they were toys is not the worst in the feature. Adversely on his reputation affected by drug abuse. The fact that the guy has Crohn’s disease, and the doctors he wrote a prescription for marijuana. Unfortunately, the guy is addicted to this substance and consume it in the quantities that are important for health. In 2017, aspiring celebrity admitted that he was a drug addict, but it is in the past. But close to the guy people claim that his addiction is not passed to this day.

Of course, Pete is very attractive to journalists and the paparazzi, he is always the center of attention because of their antics. Therefore, to have the press there was less information for publications, Davidson has to periodically delete all your social networks. Was fixed a case that one of the fans of Ariana Grande, threatened to fire Pete in the face. This statement from the unknown person received a very worried Pete, and since he is therefore cautious about social media, trying not to show anything extra to your fans. Kaia Gerber is quite a popular personality, her official page on Instagram has more than 5 million subscribers, so if the couple go far away, then Davidson is not worth dreaming about secrecy in his personal life. But Gerber needs to understand, their romance is unlikely to last a long time.

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