Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford like twins

Кайя Гербер и Синди Кроуфорд словно близнецы

Кайя Гербер и Синди Кроуфорд словно близнецы

Kaia Gerber and her mother supermodella Cindy Crawford look so similar that they can easily pass for sisters!

Its extraordinary beauty kaiya got from my mom! Kaia Gerber, 18, and Cindy Crawford, 53 years old, they look like twins! Stunning Duo went for a evening in town for a charity party A Sense Of Home in Beverly hills on Friday November 1 in chic and stylish black outfits. Kaia is the daughter of Cindy with founder of Casamigos Rand Gerber – just striking my mother, because over time they look more and more similar.

Кайя Гербер и Синди Кроуфорд словно близнецы

However, it should elaborate on the costumes of star beauties. For this case, Cindy wore a black dress just below the knee with a pattern resembling snakeskin color, black leather jacket, which just threw on the shoulders, and classic pointed “boat”. From jewelry Cindy was only earrings, probably from the famous brand. Hair supermodels were laid a light wave. Your way, she added a classic black clutch. Kaya wore black flared pants that resembles a skirt. Top of Kaia showed her tight abs, as it was only connected at the chest, exposing a line of stomach and chest. On top of the shoulders, she, like the mother threw on her jacket. However, he was white. Kaya finished his image of a shiny red clutch bag and sandals. Makeup both ladies were not pretentious, and looked more than naturally, emphasizing only the more favorable features of their already excellent persons. When it comes to fashion, Kaya in the past often turned to his mother for inspiration. Even on my 18th birthday Kaya wore one of the dresses from the Versace for her mother.

“From the very first day, people in the fashion world have often been puzzled by my resemblance to my mother,” said Gerber in issue of Vogue for October 2019. “When I get older, it happens more often, and it’s not just visually: it’s all from our manners to our voices. Before I didn’t see it, but now I look at the pictures and I need to wait a bit before to see who’s who,” she continued, reminding readers that her mother — “the one with the mole”.
A pair of mother-daughter supported A Sense Of Home, an organization designed to ensure youth in foster care in the homeless. A charitable organization collects donated furniture and household goods to help them to prepare when they enter into their adult life. A gorgeous celebration was dotted with stars such visitors as Jamie Fox, Silvester Stallone and his daughter Sikstin and Scarlett, Tyrese Gibson, Rachel Zoe, Cavo, and many more!

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