Кайя Гербер снова обрезала, свои и без того короткие волосы

Кайя Гербер снова обрезала, свои и без того короткие волосы

Kaia Gerber cut their already short hair even shorter haircut, and the supermodel looked gorgeous when she appeared before the public with his new hairdo!

18-year-old Kaia Gerber loves to change her hairstyle, the supermodel and debuted with another super short hairstyle when Sunday, December 8, posted a photo on his official page in Instagram. Kai for several months, wears a short haircut, but she decided not to stop there and go to a whole new level when she will cut your strands even shorter. She has published in the history of Instagram video about her new image, she was shaking her hair in the mirror, and the video she jokingly signed: “I Think my hair does not hold on the head.” New hair Kaya is super-short haircut that ends at her chin and perfectly frames her gorgeous face. Before the hair cut short, hair Kaya was and so with quite short hair to chin, which she laid in waves, do the parting in the middle. New look Kaya is very complex and elegant, and we like the way it looks.

Кайя Гербер снова обрезала, свои и без того короткие волосы
Kaia’s not the only one who recently changed her hairstyle, in fact, recently tons of celebrities have changed their hairstyles. Pink, 40, had just shaved his head when on December 5 it published a new lively feel in Instagram. Meanwhile, 41-year-old Nicole Scherzinger has unveiled a new short haircut, which touched her chin, at the awards ceremony, British Fashion Awards at Royal Albert. Hall in London on 2 December. Kim Kardashian, 39, has also just debuted in Los Angeles with short black hair 2 December, after November 10, she wore her hair up to the waist in the competition, People’s Choice Awards. 29-year-old Ashley Benson also showed the audience a gorgeous new Bob, after she shared photos of their haircuts in Instagram December 1st.

Another celebrity was spotted in an attempt to change the image. It was a 23-year-old Bella Hadid, which has demonstrated excellent long hair backstage at the show of Dior Men’s Pre-Fall 2020 in Miami on Tuesday, December 3. Bella wears a very long dark brown hair that ended at her Breasts, they were divided parted in the middle and laid the gorgeous, slightly tousled waves.
This year there were so many gorgeous celebrity hairstyles, and all the changes did not go unnoticed!

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