Kai Metov had an affair with a young actress

Кай Метов закрутил роман с молодой актрисой Singer of the hit “Position No. 2” and the author of “Rose tea” said that broke up with the daughter of his female fans Bataysk. At the moment the singer Kai Metov is in a relationship with Anastasia, who graduated from drama school.

Two years ago, honored artist of Russia Kai Metov spoke openly about the affair with the native Bataysk – 29-year-old Anna, the daughter of his female fans. The lovers posed for photographers and made plans for the future. In a recent interview the actor admitted that broke up with the girl. Kai decided to start a new stage in life. Now stamps can be found with Anastasia, who graduated from theatre school and works as a model.

According to Kai, the age difference does not interfere with his happiness with the girl. Lovers understand each other perfectly.

“They [Anna] about the same age, but she’s a different character. Nastya is not quick-tempered, understanding. When I feel what is wrong, what I need to do some work on yourself, it will always come up and say, “let me help you!” It’s really worth it! It may seem that I’m some kind of hero-lover, but believe me, it’s not!” – shared by journalists.

C. believes that the second half is a very creative person. Anastasia loves to chat with new people and enjoy life. Kai met a model on one social event. Soon the artist began to correspond with a girl and then and to meet. “Now we live together,” said stamps.

About his relationship with Anna Kai prefers not to remember. The singer is extremely reluctant to comment on the parting with the native of Bataysk. According to Kai, that was then. Now the artist plunged into a new novel.

“The main conclusion that I made from a previous relationship, is that the priority should be to calm,” added the contractor.

Recently Kay went to the shooting of the program “actually”, which ended in scandal. The program also participated Masha Rasputina. The singer did not like that the editors was invited to transfer her ex-husband Vladimir Ermakov. Therefore, celebrity has quick to leave the Studio. Kai thinks that Mary long ago deleted this person from my life. With her eldest daughter Lydia Rasputin, according to the artist, made up, to which he was witness.

The eldest daughter Rasputina fights over the inheritance with his brother

During the conversation with reporters C. admitted that he did not know that there was Ermakov on the set. Typically, during recording a talk show heroes bred in different rooms so they don’t see each other. Kai told that condolences to relatives of the men. “Of course, mourn, although I never in my life have not seen” – quoted Metov Sobesednik.ru.