Kafelnikov told why he broke up with the son of an oligarch

Кафельникова рассказала, почему порвала с сыном олигарха

17-year-old model revealed that there was no cheating, no scandals. They are just cold to each other.

Ales Kafelnikov is a real star in social networks. The army of her fans has already exceeded 200 thousand people! Girl participates in fashion shows luxury fashion houses, Rudkovskaya calls his “fairy godmother”. It is not surprising that every event in her life – a real sensatsiya for fans. It is no wonder that the gap starry lady with the son of the Russian oligarch Nikita Novikov made a lot of noise.

Fans have suffered almost more than the Alessi. And recently a girl for the first time openly spoke about the reasons of parting with the beloved.

“Around the break-up was a lot of gossip, including about infidelity, but actually we were just cold to each other. He goes to Boston we rarely saw each other, did not understand and did not feel each other. Therefore, the decision that I would pursue a career, and studying it, was made together. Now we don’t communicate, it would be too hard. Say Hello when you meet in the company, but not more”, – said Ales in an interview with Grazia magazine.

While fans of the girls immediately decided that Ales jumped into the deep end of a new novel… Because in the microblogging girls began to appear luxurious armfuls of roses and… passionate kisses with a young hockey player Herman Gift for one of your photo projects.

But Ales and then placed all points over i. Like, their ties with Herman is that friendship.

“I was very worried: we have to kiss, and we hardly know each other. But all went well and since then we continue to talk: go on a romantic walk, Hera gives me flowers. But the relationship we have. In order to meet me, you first need to call my father and ask his permission,” he surprised the model in the conversation.

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