Kadyrov’s eldest daughter revealed the secret to a good marriage

Старшая дочь Кадырова раскрыла секрет крепкого брака The head of the fashion house gave an interview to journalists. Aishat Kadyrova, who recently presented his first clothing collection, gives great hope. The girl works hard and tries to learn from the experience of the Paris Atelier.

      In March in Grozny has passed the first fashion shows fashion collections of women’s clothing, created by 18-year-old daughter of Ramzan Kadyrov, Aishat. Despite his young age, the girl shows real talent – she came up with 30 luxurious evening dresses in ethnic style. The outfits were made of silk, chiffon and French lace, and decorated with semi-precious stones. The show was attended by many celebrities including Olga Buzova, Nyusha, Evgeni Plushenko wife Yana Rudkovskaya, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Tatiana Navka, the designer Stefano Ricci, President of Chopard Carolina Gruosi-Scheufele, as well as journalists.

      Buzova, Bondarchuk and Rudkovskaya was in the Chechen tale

      Recently released a great interview with the head of the fashion house Aishat Kadyrova, which she gave after the screening. The heiress of the head of the Chechen Republic told about the process of creating the collection and relationships with the closest people. In recognition of Aishat, she has worked extensively with the archives went to the library and saw the pictures from the family album. On some of the dresses worked for several months, rasseva them manually.

      During the conversation with the chief editor of the periodical Aishat also revealed the secret of strong families. The journalist Ksenia Solovieva found out that the heir of Ramzan Kadyrov a happy marriage. The chosen girl is 19-year-old son of the deceased friend of her father. According to friends, he’s a great guy. Young people live in his house, located a five minute walk from the residence.

      “Your life path she chooses in consultation with her husband. Men are not forbidden to get an education. Among our women there are poets, statesmen, doctors, journalists. The main thing that they were all religion – if a woman follows the rules of the Holy book, it will become an ideal wife, and ideal mother,” – said the head of the fashion house in an interview.

      Aishat not familiar with high fashion and is a client of Parisian workshops. The girl says that is familiar with the designer Elie Saab and tries to adopt best practices of foreign colleagues. “Every time I come in the Studio, asked to show how they create fabrics, sketches, how to work with clients. I would like to, and we have ever all been debugged in the same way professionally,” she told the magazine Tatler.