«Кадетство»: как выглядят герои популярного сериала сейчас
How 12 years has changed Alexander Golovin, Ivan Dobronravov, Boris korchevnikov, Aristarchus of wines and other Russian stars of the first “dramedy”.

«Кадетство»: как выглядят герои популярного сериала сейчас

Russian TV series “kadetstvo” (“Kinokontakt”), shown on the channel STS in 2006-2007, gained immense popularity, gained the love of the audience and was a resounding success. The author of idea and producer of stories from the life of Suvorov military school students has become a popular TV figure Vyacheslav Murugov, who knew firsthand what the life of a cadet. The fact that Vyacheslav Alexandrovich — a hereditary military, graduated in 1986 Kalinin Suvorov military school.

When Murugov, saying: “kadetstvo”, he did not even dream about such an incredible success. Just him, a graduate of this school, I wanted to remember his youth. To bring their idea to life, the producer agreed with the leadership of the Tver Suvorov military school and got permission from the Ministry of defence.

“Without school, we wouldn’t have done anything. His superior, major-General Yuri Fedorov, became our consultant, — said Vyacheslav in an interview. — This show is about guys who at age 15 decided to devote himself to the army. We want to show how they of the boys turn into real men. It will be a lot not only comedic, but also dramatic moments, so we determined its genre as a “dramedy” (Comedy-drama — Approx. ed).

Photo: still from the TV series “kadetstvo”

The main characters of the show were the guys from different walks of life: a spoiled son of the mayor Maxim Makarov (his role is played by the star of the drama “Bastards” 18-year-old Alexander Golovin), hereditary military Ilya Sinitsyn (“Tit” written off from the murugova, he played Boris korchevnikov, which in its 23 years, looked like a teenager), orphan Andrew Leftists (Ivan Dobronravov), who comes from the village of Stepan Perepechko (Pavel Bessonov), the middle class Ilya Sukhomlin (Aristarchus of wines), Alexander Trofimov (Arthur Copalnic), etc.

The management team of the school embodied Vladimir Steklov (warrant officer Kantemirov), Vadim Andreev (major Vasilyuk), Valery Barinov (Colonel nozdrev) and Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov (major General Matveev, actor passed away in 2012). And female roles in the movie played actress Elena Zakharova (the teacher of ethics Polina Olkhovskaya), Olga Lukyanenko (Xenia, the girl Ilya Sinitsyn), Anna Michael (Kate, the girl Alexander Trofimov), Valeria Lanskaya (Natalia, stepmother of Alex Syrnikov), Alyona Yakovleva (Sophia Romanova, psychologist) and others.

Shooting the first season consisting of 40 episodes began in the summer of 2006 in Tver Suvorov military school — that is, a graduate who was once a producer of the project Vyacheslav Murugov. To transform into the military, the young main cast had to learn all the hardships of army life. For a better entry into the way they lived in the barracks with cadets. The entire form for filming provided in the school: spotted — for sports, and black-and-red — for study.

By the way, in the series included real life stories of Vyacheslav murugova. “Fifty percent of the stories that are in the script, was in fact at the time of my cadets. For example, there is an episode where the characters laugh and suddenly the officer Kantemirov (Vladimir Steklov) makes and hangs on the stand a picture of men in uniform. The guys start to discuss it, and these reports that this soldier ten years ago, he studied at the Suvorov and was recently killed in Chechnya. The laughter immediately ceases. I had the exact same situation, only it was Afghanistan, — says Vyacheslav. Or, for example, in the series there is a math teacher nicknamed BMP. The teacher with the same nickname taught me literature. Even outwardly they are very similar”.

Interestingly, soon after showing the first series “Kadetstvo” Suvorov military school in Tver, where they filmed the show, was in the siege. “Registered” at the PPC young fans literally stormed the entrance to at least a glimpse of their idols — guys who played a charismatic cadets. The most desperate tried to climb over the six-foot fence, but the school’s vigilant watch was always on the alert.

On the wave of overwhelming popularity, two more were shot successful season, consisting of 50 and 70 series. The finale of the television series was the release of children from school, and two years later, in 2009, took the logical continuation of the story of the life of the graduates and cadets, and then enrolled in the Moscow higher military command school series “the Kremlin cadets”.

Since the premiere of the first domestic series in the genre of “dramedy” has been more than 11 years. That’s what heroes look like “Kadetstvo” now.