Кабаева призвала Загитову не сдаваться Famous gymnast was supported by the skater. Alina Kabaeva said that you dealt with Sagitova and set her up for victory. Also the star recalled how she was making progress.
Кабаева призвала Загитову не сдаваться

Famous Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva is a role model for many other athletes. Despite the difficulties she faced during her career, she managed to get the coveted gold in Athens in 2004. Now Kabaeva inspires young gymnasts with whom they work on victory.

It is known that the skater Alina Sagitova, won a gold medal at the Games in Korea, was named in honour of Kabaeva. The gymnast herself was not aware of this fact, but followed the performances of the young girl in Pyeongchang.

“I recently found out that her called my name. I am very glad that my example helped a lot. And she became the Olympic champion. I am happy for her,” said Kabayeva.

Star gymnastics even talked on the phone with Alina, when she was defeated on Campionii the world. She tried to return the skater’s faith in their own strength.

“After a poor performance Alina at the world Championships I called her and said, “in No case do not relax, do not worry. This is your this way and if you give up, you’re just an Olympic champion, and you can become a person,” said Kabayeva.

Recall that speaking at the world Cup Sagitova crashed several times. This disappointed girl. After the number, the skater had to pass a doping test. Alina admitted to journalists that everything was a blur. “I can’t describe what I have going on in my head. Seriously, like a dream. I didn’t understand what was happening. Even after the speech I had to pass the doping. I cry bitterly, sore head, and I still have the dope to pass…” – said the skater.

By the way, the triumph of Sagitova at the Olympics has caused a wide resonance. This week the Netherlands has taken the initiative to change the age limit for skaters. Presumably, this is due to the fact that young girls prefer to perform a number of elements, including jumps. “Junior skating should remain Junior. When you’re small, you better be doing quads and triple [jumps], and everything else. It is unfair to athletes that have already formed. Everyone should be equal. There is the concept of “girls jumping” which caught a good technique due to the fact that they thin, slender, they’re running these crazy quadruple and triple jumps, and when there is a formation of the body, it all disappears somewhere,” said Alexander Zhulin.

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