Justin Timberlake said that he will become the father of many children

Джастин Тимберлейк заявил, что станет многодетным отцом
The actor desperately wants a daughter.

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake son


Justin Timberlake, who first became a father at 34 years old, appreciated joy
paternity. The singer, whose wife — Jessica Biel — gave birth to him nearly three
years ago son, Silas, has declared that he intends to significantly add to the composition
his family. “Frankly, I
want to have with Jessica is born as many children as possible. After all
the birth of a son gave a new meaning to my life!” said Justin in a recent
interview. And said that to begin with, I would love to give your son

“My son became my source of inspiration. His birth is like
moved me to new, wonderful world. I so appreciate my wife and son – they are
help me to become better, reduce my inflated ego!” — said the actor. “All
told me before. what with the birth of a child would change my life. But it
it is impossible to understand fully until your house actually does not appear
child. And now Jessica was so used to the new life that when we
a free evening, we can not immediately figure out what we can do and
ask each other: “do you not remember what we did in such cases before?
Like, went to the movies?” with a smile says Timberlake.

“Of course, fatherhood is not only joy. I just feel huge
responsibility. And, remembering his childhood, would like not to repeat the mistakes of my
parents. But every day, going to bed, I think about the fact that I have not
turned out today and hope to fix it tomorrow. And I can only hope
that no matter what, my son will grow up to be a good person!” — admitted
singer. Recall: Justin and Jessica began Dating in 2007. In 2011 they
got engaged in 2012, played in April of 2015 Beale gave birth to the only
son of the singer.

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