Justin Timberlake called the true cause of departure from ‘N Sync

Джастин Тимберлейк назвал истинную причину ухода из ‘N Sync

A wide fame and popularity came to Justin Timberlake during his participation in boy band N’sync. Together with the guys Justin has conquered the music charts, won the attention of millions of fans. But once Justin realized that he is closely to be in the team and went to the free swimming.

Timberlake began his solo career, but the true reason why he left the band, I did not.

About the departure of the singer from the group said all around except for him and today he finally decided to tell the truth.

Justin confessed that once, during the next round directly into the stadium, where they were, he realized that it cares about the musical component of the group much more than the others what his music more interesting than others: “I felt that for me there is other music that I want to do, and I need to follow my heart.”

The ambitions of the young Justin was also extended to cinema – he wanted to become an actor and confidently went to his goal.

“I want to do both. I really adore the Golden era of Hollywood, when actors had to simultaneously sing and move. Right now I just take consistent decisions about what are going to do next, but not looking to do everything at once. I’m just glad that, basically, all of this works because I really don’t know how to do anything else”, — confessed Timberlake.