Джастин Теру сделал неожиданное заявление
The actor could take the place of Brad pitt.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston


Justin Theroux, who in 2015 became legal wife Jennifer aniston,
started in 2010, when he met with her in the movie Wonderlust. But in a recent interview, 46-year-old
Theroux made an unexpected confession: it turns out, he was able to meet
Jennifer, which this year celebrated its 48th birthday, many years ago. However, this was prevented by a coincidence. But if they met back then, who knows, their fate could emerge quite
otherwise. At that time, mid 90s, Justin was free, and Jennifer was not married, the actress had yet to meet her
first husband brad pitt…

told Theroux he asked me to “audition” for a role
in blockbuster TV series “Friends” where Jennifer aniston was one of the main stars. But
Justin, who yesterday was thoroughly enjoying the party one of its
buddies managed to sleep for its assigned listening and, thus,
avoided with Jennifer. “Later, I came to the conclusion that it all came together
in the best way. I was absolutely not ready to become a part of all that surrounded
this show!” said Theroux.

according to the actor, he managed to find the “antidote” versus side effects
glory — it was his ironic attitude to himself and everything.
As admitted Theroux’s sense of humor is
what helps him in family life.
“My relationship with Jennifer is based on the humor. In my view the ideal
relationship is where two people can genuinely laugh together!” he told Justin.