Justin Theroux had an affair with the former girlfriend of Tom cruise

Джастин Теру закрутил роман с бывшей подружкой Тома Круза
Jennifer aniston is suffering from jealousy.

Джастин Теру закрутил роман с бывшей подружкой Тома Круза

Sofia Boutella


Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston


time Jennifer aniston stays clearly not in the best mood. As
according to its girlfriend, the actress, suffers from jealousy. She suspected his
45-year-old wife of Justin Theroux’s infidelity. Moreover, according to the reporters of the newspaper Life & Style, her fears are not entirely unfounded.

it began with the fact that aniston came to a nasty rumor: Justin, who is currently filming
in Berlin in the mystical Thriller “Mute”, all their spare time in
society 34-year-old actress of Algerian origin Sofia Boutella also plays a role in
this film. Then the network began to appear photos of Theroux with Sofia, where they
was captured outside of the set. The last straw was the post itself
Justin on his page in the social network in which he could not help
expressed his admiration for the beauty of Sofia. Then Jennifer pointed to her husband on
the fact that his behavior hurts her feelings. But Theroux did not heed the warning aniston.
And now she almost every day suits him jealousy on Skype…

feels this situation is not too confident. First, her opponent is much
younger than 47-year-old aniston. And, secondly, Sophia has happened before to charm
Hollywood stars of the first magnitude. So, at the end of last year overseas
the press wrote about her affair with Tom cruise. That was about his
relations with Botellas in perfect delight and hinted he would not mind it
to marry. However, Sofia has not passed the “casting” from the consultants-Scientology cruise,
Council without which he could not accept in your life any more important decisions…

As for
Aniston and Theroux, who were married in August of 2015 in California,
hopefully, they will be able to overcome the crisis in their relationship. After all
for Jennifer, which has long suffered due to the collapse of his marriage to
Brad pitt, the collapse of her second marriage can be a real disaster.