Justin Theroux Esquire story about the attitude of the success of Jennifer aniston

Джастин Теру рассказа  Esquire об отношении к успеху Дженнифер Энистон

Screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux gave an interview to Esquire magazine. In an interview with the publication the man talked about his salary and wife Jennifer aniston.

So, Justin said that he does not mind the fact that the wife earns more than him. Theroux resigned to the fact that aniston is more successful than him: “She’s successful, it’s a fact… But we don’t compete. If I aspired to take part in the same projects, and she may I would be less forgiving,” admitted Justin. Note that Jennifer a year to the family piggy Bank brings in more $ 100 million at the time, like Justin – about 20 million.

At the same time, Theroux sure is a certain way does not affect him and his wife relationship, the main thing that unites them is creativity and, of course, love.

However, with the recent recently, there are some problems. Anyway, sure many of the world’s media.

Not long ago, a tabloid reported that the star of the show “Friends” got jealous husband to his co-worker on the voice of the animated film “the LEGO Ninjago Movie” and model Olivia Munn during a joint dinner in Paris. The couple was in a romantic capital, but the night court are not specified. Aniston was so disappointed joint pastime, which quickly left the restaurant where they were and that same night flew home to Los Angeles.

Interestingly, while aniston was on Board the plane, Justin’s in his room comforting a blonde woman: couple seen together on the balcony. What about this situation thinks aniston, is difficult to assume, especially given that over the past few months, it is not the first report of infidelity Theroux.