Джастин Теру развелся с Дженнифер Энистон из-за потребности в независимости

Divorce Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston shocked many fans of the couple who believed their marriage was perfect. However, it is not so simple. It turns out that problems in family life, the actors faced for a long time. After the official statement about the divorce, Theroux was attributed novels, but insiders claim that to do so earlier. The actor is still going through a divorce and most likely not configured to search for a new pair.

Джастин Теру развелся с Дженнифер Энистон из-за потребности в независимости

“Justin’s still heartbroken,” said an insider.

The sources close to Justin report that despite a broken heart, he believes divorce is the right decision. Problem with Jennifer started a long time ago. “In their relationship he felt very proprietary and limited. Not interested in the daily life of Jen: yoga, proper nutrition… Justin’s free spirit, which needed to be alone. He had a need for independence,” said the insider.

Recall that the friends didn’t throw a couple in a difficult time and tried to help them. Actor Jason Bateman and his wife Amanda Anka asked their friends go with them to relax in Mexico. As they say Jason and Amanda, Jennifer accepted the offer as a great way to establish a relationship in her marriage. “But the trip to Mexico just placed all points over i: when Jen and Justin got home, the first thing they filed for divorce,” say the insiders.

However, the trip is not helped to cope with problems and two years later, after the wedding, the 49-year-old Jennifer aniston and 46-year-old Justin Theroux announced the divorce. “In order to avoid any further speculation, we have decided to announce the divorce. It’s a decision that we took at the end of last year, was mutual. We are two best friends who break up as a couple but remain friends,” — said in an official statement, aniston and Theroux.

“Of course, we would like to do it in private, but given the fact that around will still speculate and start rumors, we decided to tell about it. All that is said and written about us without our knowledge, is not true. First of all, we want to keep the respect and love that is felt about each other,” — they concluded.

About the reasons of divorce is not known. Before you end the relationship, the couple experienced some difficulties. Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux recently couldn’t find peace even in your own apartment in new York. In addition to annoying paparazzi trying to take a couple and get the cool stuff they are suing Norman, Resnicow, who is accused of espionage. Because of this, the actress refuses to stay in his apartment, which does not understand her husband. Such circumstances affect the couple, not the best.

It is reported that the couple had filed a lawsuit against Norman Resnicow for espionage. Theroux, who is suing roommate from last year transferred to his lawyers evidence that Resnicow spying on him and taking pictures through the glass. “Jennifer hates it when her snooping. This is a big stumbling block for her and Justin,” said the insider.