Justin Theroux brought the neighbors

Джастин Теру довел соседей
The actor was accused of animal cruelty.

Justin Theroux

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The neighbors of Justin Theroux for a luxury home in Greenwich Village decided to sue
with an actor. 46-year-old Justin broke the camel’s back of their patience his

In a lawsuit filed in court, Norman Reznikov
said that he and his wife were victims of ugly behavior Theroux — their
a neighbor who lives on the floor above. First of all, complained as Norman, he was insanely
tired of the endless repairs in the apartment of the actor, creating as
the appellant contends, permanent and
absolutely unbearable noise.

Besides, as reported by Reznikov, Theroux,
husband of Jennifer aniston, featuring violent and unstable character, often in fits of anger
throwing it on the floor. And when you consider that he has the habit to stay up late, then roar rang out at the same time, just makes it impossible to sleep. In addition
said Norman, his terrible tired of the constant barking and howling of the dogs
Justin. And they behave so, according to Reznikov, not by chance, but
because Theroux rarely walks, and poor animals all day
staying home alone…

Before you go to court, Norman asked Justin, with whom he was
once quite a decent relationship, to do the soundproofing. But
when Theroux has estimated that it will take not less than 30 thousand dollars, he
categorically refused. And now Reznikov hopes that the trial will make
his noisy neighbor to take measures which will return the family of Norman normal