Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston are suing the neighbor for spying

Джастин Теру и Дженнифер Энистон судятся с соседом из-за шпионажа

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux can’t find peace even in your own apartment in new York. In addition to annoying paparazzi trying to take a couple and get the cool stuff they are suing Norman, Resnicow, who is accused of espionage. Because of this, the actress refuses to stay in his apartment, which does not understand her husband. Such circumstances affect the couple, not the best.

It is reported that the couple had filed a lawsuit against Norman Resnicow for espionage. Theroux, who is suing roommate from last year transferred to his lawyers evidence that Resnicow spying on him and taking pictures through the glass. “Jennifer hates it when her snooping. This is a big stumbling block for her and Justin,” said the insider.

Theroux previously filed against a neighbor’s lawsuit, accusing the illegal obstruction of repairs and photographing the attack on Resnicow repairmen in the apartment Theroux. And Resnicow went to court because of the noise generated by the dogs of the actor, and asked to make a full soundproofing.

In an interview Norman Resnicow gave DailyMailTV, he said that several years ago she and Justin were friends, but the relationship soured, because the actor “has ceased to care about the people who live below.”

Despite the fact that aniston is no longer found brad pitt, Angelina Jolie continues to discriminate against the former her husband. For example, the network got freeze frame, which shows the back standing on the stage to present the award actress Jennifer aniston. While this is seen as Angelina Jolie lowers her eyes, trying not to look at the ex-wife of her husband. This awkward situation was observed by the actress Dakota Johnson, who sat at the same table. The actress said on the program Saturday Night Life, which was not looking at Jolie, and the next table with the cast of “Very strange things”.