Джастин Теру признался, что застал свою «бывшую» в постели с другим мужчиной
Changed wife actor, trying to make himself a victim.

Джастин Теру признался, что застал свою «бывшую» в постели с другим мужчиной

Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston


Justin Theroux surprised the fans with his unexpected confession. 46-year-old actor, who is now
divorcing Jennifer aniston, who is accused of cheating his wife,
declared himself the suffering party! “I have many times broken heart!” complained Theroux during a recent interview.

illustration to my statement, he told a long story. Theroux recalled how
severely his once dumped a girl he met. “That summer we
had to be separated — I had to leave her for work. It is every
day called me and cried, said, she is afraid that I’ll drop her. And that’s when
I got out a little earlier than expected, I decided to return, not
warn her in advance about this. And what? I went to the apartment where we lived with
the girl and caught her in bed with another man! Imagine
my shock? I wanted to make her a romantic surprise. You know, when you
breaking up with someone who loves you it’s hard. But even worse, when you throw
someone loved you…” said Theroux. Justin, however, did not specify what
felt it when Jennifer aniston,
tired of his infidelity, has announced that it’s filing for divorce.

that Theroux and aniston has decided to break their Alliance, it became known in February
this year. The news of the divorce of Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux, who got married only 2.5 years ago, then struck
many fans of the couple. However, for friends who knew the spouses,
the news that the actress and her husband decided to leave, did not
big surprise. After all the rumors that when shooting, the actor was shamelessly flirting with other Actresses, went to Hollywood for a long time. The last straw that broke the patience aniston, was a novel Theroux with artist Petra Collins, who is Justin not even particularly
tried to hide.

Petra Collins