Justin Bieber will release a new track after the break

Джастин Бибер выпустит новый трэк после перерыва

Last July, dates to the last track of Justin Bieber titled No Brainer in collaboration with Chance the Rapper, Quavo and DJ Khaled. After that, the singer took an extended break, which was dedicated to his beloved Hayley. According to the source, the break is over and Justin is ready to get back to work!

Sources say TMZ, Justin is involved in the creation of the track, a collaboration with American rapper Lil Dicky. To insiders, Justin already gave a tip to fans, ratinov the post of artist on your page with the words: “New song and video next week”. However, Bieber’s participation in the project was not.

By the way, has been three years since the world has heard new solo tracks Justin. In November 2015, the artist released the album “Purpose”, and then went on tour. After that, the artist did not represent solo projects, but only recorded tracks with other artists. Justin took a break, which is dedicated to his personal issues.

“I struggled with the feeling that people are using me that they want to get something from me and then use it against me. One of the important things for me is confidence. I’ve made some bad decisions in itself and in the relationship. These errors affected my confidence in their judgments. I even find it difficult to trust Haley. We worked on this. And it’s great, isn’t it? I’m emotionally unstable. I struggle with everything. I just feel that I care and I want everything to be very good, that people loved me. Haley is a very logical and structured, that I need. I need something that I can be sure. And this is my baby Boo”.

In addition, Bieber spent his strength for deterrence of premarital sex with Baldwin. “I think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because it makes them feel not good enough. Because they lack self-esteem. I wanted to devote yourself to God then. I believe that as a result God has blessed me and Hayley. You get a reward for good behavior,” admitted Bieber.

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