Justin Bieber will no longer do a selfie with fans

Джастин Бибер больше не будет делать селфи с поклонниками

#NoPhotos. Canadian singer Justin Bieber, whom I love to grope female fans while shooting joint photo tired of it. On his page on the social network 22-year-old singer said that he feels like an animal in the zoo, and that will no longer be willing to be photographed.

“If you see me somewhere, you know, I’m not going to be photographed with you. Already reached the point that people don’t even say Hello to me and not see me as a person, I feel like a beast in a zoo and you want to protect your personal space.
I understand that people can be unhappy with my decisions, but I don’t force anyone to take a photo. The fact that you buy my album, does not mean that now I have to take a photo with you. You ONLY pay FOR the ALBUM!” — said Justin.

Earlier, Bieber has canceled a meeting with fans after their concerts during the tour. The cost of each of these meetings cost the fan in 2 thousand dollars. Justin stated that just gets tired during concerts and no time to relax. However, with some “special” fans, he still met and talked, for which he was ashamed of his fans on the social network.

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