Justin Bieber will appear before court

Джастин Бибер предстанет перед судом
The singer was accused of causing “grievous bodily harm”.

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber, who recently
I broke up with Selena Gomez, serious
trouble: he has to stand
before the court. A resident of Cleveland Tobias cannon filed a lawsuit against the singer, accusing him of beating, which led to
serious injury. Cannon requires that the 24-year-old Bieber will answer for their actions.

This story started innocent, it would seem,
the argument about knowledge of the hotel in Cleveland where Justin came on tour. On
filmed by a random witness video can be seen as Bieber’s arguing about something
with the cannon, and then the fight begins. According to the records, the first blow was struck not Justin, and Tobias: the musician fell to the ground.

However, in his claim, cannon argues that during the fight, the singer struck him several severe blows that
led to head injuries, neck and back. As said Tobias, after the brawl
he was in the hospital because of a blow to the head he started
seizures and he lost consciousness.

Manager Justin has managed to respond to
charges. He said that all this is slander and a primitive attempt
extortion. However, the police very seriously reacted to the charges of cannon, and
Bieber court can not be avoided.