Джастин Бибер породнится с семьей Кардашьян Friends Courtney claim that she is pregnant by the singer. Justin Bieber could soon become a dad adorable baby. The heir to the American star will bring the eldest of the Kardashian sisters is Kourtney.

      Джастин Бибер породнится с семьей Кардашьян

      The name Kardashian is still on the wave of popularity in the United States. Only subsided passion around pregnancy and childbirth, middle sister Kim, as the Newspapers flashed the name of the elder – Courtney. The mother of three children had an affair with the idol of teenagers Justin Bieber.

      Oil on the fire poured fresh issue of the tabloid “Life & Style”, which was released with the title that Kourtney Kardashian is expecting a child from a famous artist. According to friends of the couple, a spokeswoman for the star family is located on the first months of pregnancy.

      It was further clarified that native Courtney were shocked by the news, as Bieber is much younger than her, besides their romance can not be called a serious relationship. However, Kardashian promised to support the expectant mother and help her in all possible ways. “Relatives of Courtney in shock from such a delicate situation, but she is very happy. Justin is also in seventh heaven – he wanted to become a young father,” the source said in an interview.

      Meanwhile, other credible media the news about the pregnancy Courtney is not confirmed. They found out only that pair after a short break again receive together at private parties and with friends. However, this time Justin’s been keeping her novel, to avoid unnecessary conversations. It should be noted that Courtney is growing up three children, so she is quite undesirable staining his reputation short novels. And serious relationship the pair seems still far away.

      Recall that Courtney is divorcing the father of her children Scott Discom. The separation of the pair occurred six months after the birth of their third child. A boy named Raine appeared at the end of 2014. It is noteworthy that the happy event occurred on the birthday of their eldest son Mason – he was at the time five years. The family was delighted by this coincidence.

      By the way, the relationship of Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber has not been able to find confirmation of themselves lovers. But last year the singer published a spicy photo with a mysterious stranger, whose face is not visible, and was accompanied by his ambiguous comment. Fans of the star immediately realized that we are talking about Courtney, and since then had no doubt that between the singer and the model have something.

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