Justin Bieber surprises husband with culinary delights

Наталья Подольская удивляет мужа кулинарными изысками The singer decided to make the spouse a romantic evening. Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov are considered to be one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business. The couple admired its fans with a reverent attitude to each other.

      For the family idyll of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov fans watching for many years. Despite the fact that the musicians played at a wedding six years ago, their relationship still exists passion, which his wife strongly support.

      The actress decided to treat her husband’s culinary delights. Natalya has published a picture where he showed his fans that he was preparing for dinner. Podolsky baked fish with vegetables.

      To create a more romantic atmosphere Podolsky decided to decorate the table with candles.

      “So today,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

      Fans were amazed that despite the tight schedule of presentations and the education of the son Theme Natalia is time to pamper husband’s favorite delicious dishes. They once again marveled at the relationship between the couple and noted that their family is a wonderful example for many.

      Podolsky and Presnyakov first introduced the heir to the public

      “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, “Well, very appetizing!”, “Hostess”, “Good Boy, Natasha! Tasty and healthy,” wrote fans.

      Vladimir Presnyakov also tries to please his beloved wife at every opportunity. Not so long ago he gave Podolsky expensive car. Natalia was happy and did not hide such a gift from their fans. She showed the car to his followers on Twitter. Some genuinely glad for the singer, and the generosity of the famous musician called envy.

      Natalia is happy that her family harmony. She admitted that gets along well with the parents of her spouse, and her relatives, in turn, relate well to her husband.

      “Volodya mother accepted immediately. They are two of Aries, on the same page. The husband asked permission to call the mother-in-law is not on my name, and my mother and you. Of course, as in any family, in our quarrels happen, too: usually on the grounds that the mother excessively spoils their favorite grandson. But I especially hate it when during our Vova “showdown” mother stands on the side of her husband. I use it in every glaring, looking askance. Then can not withstand the double attack, saying: “Well, not when mom will decide”. Of course, it should not be a witness of misunderstandings, she gets embarrassed, she immediately to protect Vova”, – told Natalia “StarHit”.